Supportive Services

PIHN offers supportive services to current and former families for as long as they are needed. Some of our relationships with families extend back as far as 10 years.

Families affected by or recovering from homelessness often need more than shelter to achieve self-sufficiency. Over our 20-year history, we have expanded our supportive services to address the issues that commonly affect homeless and formerly homeless individuals as they rebuild. Our supportive services include:

  • Career Development and Education Planning
  • Family Therapeutic Services
  • Financial Literacy Training
  • Housing Support
  • Material Support
  • Parenting Education
  • Tax Credit Assistance

Education Planning and Career Development


Through our education planning program headed by Career Developer and Youth Engagement Counselor Geoffrey T. Woodland, individuals young and old can work to achieve various goals including obtaining a GED, preparing for college and standardized exams, obtaining an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree, building a resume and searching for a job.

Family Therapeutic Services


We partner with BuildABridge to provide our families with our Family Therapeutic Services Program in which individuals and groups can attend therapy sessions. Children and teens can participate in art and music sessions while parents can participate in parenting education programs and other counseling to help participants work through any issues they may have that are affecting their ability to achieve financial independence, self sufficiency and positive self-image.

Financial Literacy Training

Our Director of Family Services, Keyonnee Thalia, works with families on meeting and maintaining their financial goals. Through individual counseling, weekly workshops, and collaboration with community resources, tutors, and mentors, heads of household work towards: establishing a bank account, restoring credit, creating a savings plan, negotiating debts, securing benefits (including WIC, Food Stamps, SCHIP, Adult Basic, TANF, Section 8, CCIS, etc.).

Housing Support


Our Director of Family Services works with families in our temporary congregational housing to find appropriate housing solutions. Some of the housing support we provide includes: reviewing credit reports and making recommendations for credit restoration, facilitating families participation in WORC IDA savings plan, assisting families in completing and submitting housing applications, providing rental assistance, providing referrals and resources to potential first time home buyers, and coordination workshops designed to education families in home ownership.

Material Support


Through generous donations and grants provided by community neighbors and partnering businesses and foundations, PIHN is able to provide material support to families. These materials include school supplies for youth, school clothes and uniforms, sports equipment, musical instruments, computers, furniture, vehicles and more.

Tax/Tax Credit Assistance

Tax Credit Assistance is offered though the Benefit Bank from January to April by one of our trained volunteers.