Looking for Shelter?

Are you and your family looking for shelter? Please know that you are not alone. In Philadelphia, an estimated 4,000 people are without a home on any given day. Emergency housing can seem like a step backward, but with the right tools, it can actually be an important step towards building lasting security for your family. PIHN is small and we do not always have space, but we are happy to speak with you and advise you of your options. Call us at 215-247-4663 ext. 140. Registering at the City Office of Supportive Housing (OSH) is an important first step in being able to get placed and to be eligible for future housing options. To register, go to the Apple Tree Center on 1420 Cherry Street as early in the day as possible. Here are some additional resources for you and your family if you are without a place to stay.

A Private Shelter vs. a Public Shelter

PIHN is a private non-profit shelter, which means that we are funded primarily┬áthrough the support of generous individuals and foundations.┬áPublic shelters are funded by government sources (tax money).┬á┬áTo get into any public shelter, (for example, Stenton, Woodstock, Fernwood, etc.) you must apply through the Office of Supportive Housing.┬áMost public shelters will make every effort to place you and your family regardless of past criminal history and substance abuse.┬áThey may even place you in a program that will be helpful in accommodating your specific needs. You can contact private shelter programs (for example PHIN, PeopleÔÇÖs Emergency Center, Wayne Hall, etc.) directly.┬áHere is a list of some other shelters serving families in Philadelphia.

Is PIHN right for you?

Do you prefer a small, close-knit community setting?
Do you value your privacy, and can you respect the privacy of others?
Are you willing to move every 3-5 weeks into a new congregational setting?
Are you open to making new social connections with volunteers from churches, synagogues, and all over Philadelphia?
Do you have a clean criminal history, and no history of drug abuse?
If you answered yes to these questions, PIHN may be a good fit for you. Contact our office at 215-247-4663 ext. 140 for more information.