Emergency Housing


Families selected into our program receive temporary emergency housing and hospitality in one of our participating church, synagogue, or mosque congregations. Guests are sent to safe, child-friendly living quarters with private rooms for two weeks to two months at a time. They are never split by age or gender, as in traditional shelter programs.

Each night, volunteers provide dinner and companionship for the families. They may help children with their homework or simply keep the families company. The goal is to create a calm environment for families to rebuild.

Our Day Center in Mt. Airy serves as a comfortable daytime base for PIHN guest families and alumni. There, heads of household can care for their children if necessary, while preparing for education, career, and housing opportunities with the help of PIHN staff and volunteers. The facility features a kitchen, as well as a shower for use when one is not available at a host congregation. It also includes a resource library that provides videos, books, and other materials to help our families become fully independent.