“What a Community!” – PIHN’s Update on Homelessness Prevention

An Update on PIHN’s COVID-19 &
Homelessness Prevention Programs

“What a Community!”

(COVID-19 Distribution at PIHN’s NW Office)

2020 has been filled with many twists, turns, and challenges for all. The families we serve are among the most vulnerable as many are people of color, and working in front-line jobs. Several have come down with COVID, and many have lost employment, daycare, and income, while managing from one crisis to the next. We have tried the best we can to support each other through the onslaught of the plague that has struck every aspect of our lives. PIHN’s incredible congregational volunteers, and supporters have come through for the families we serve in big ways!

My heart is full of gratitude for our awesome staff who have managed to creatively, and safely make sure that our supply of food, diapers, and necessities reach all in need.  I cannot begin to thanks the many random acts of kindness done by PIHN congregations Рevery individual who has dropped off essentials, prepared family-sized meals, and generously given their volunteer time and resources has kept our families going strong.

We have also been privileged to work with incredible community partner organizations, political leaders, and government offices who have joined efforts in making sure that the needs of the most vulnerable are addressed.

Homelessness Prevention Update


PIHN was honored to receive some key grants to help with our eviction prevention efforts. The largest grants to announce are a $227,000 grant through the Emergency Solutions Program (HUD funding), a $200,000 Emergency Food and Shelter Program Grant (FEMA funding) and a $100,000 City General Fund Grant. All three grants are to be used for helping families pay back rents, mortgage payments, and utilities as well as helping to find both temporary and permanent housing for those who are already displaced. Special thanks to the City of Philadelphia, Office of Homeless Services, for playing a key role in supporting our applications.

PIHN has already assisted over 120 households with funding and anticipate helping nearly 300 households by year end. We are thrilled to have these new resources for prevention in addition to several other large grants through the Home 4 Good Program and PHARE (grants funded by Commonwealth of PA Housing Trust Funds) to be able to help so many people. We also thank the many smaller family foundations that invested in our early prevention work and continue to do so.

We would not be able to do this work if it had not been for the many PIHN advocated who worked to educate our government officials on the importance of homelessness prevention when we started these efforts several years ago.

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