PIHN Receives $10,000 from Women’s Philanthropic Group for COVID-19!

 TTN Women’s Philanthropic Group
Assist PIHN Families During COVID Times

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PIHN is thrilled to announce a $10,000 special donation from the Philadelphia Chapter of The Transition Network (TTN) Giving Circle – a group of women dedicated to bringing the power of collective giving to improving the lives of Philadelphia women, children and youth.

“Our organization is honored to have been selected by the TTN Giving Circle for this generous and timely donation to help families impacted by the COVID-19 crisis,” commented Bob Rossman, PIHN’s Board President. “So many of the households we serve struggle to make ends meet in good times. They have little savings to carry them through COVID and need immediate help to meet their families’ most basic needs. PIHN is seeing five times more families in need of food and diapers and supplies than prior to COVID-19! The TTN Giving Circle donation allows PIHN to respond with immediate help.”

Since its inception in 2013, the TTN Giving Circle has awarded one grant each year to an organization supporting its mission. But with the COVID-19 crisis hitting during their 2020 grant cycle, members immediately wanted to do more. They reached out to the broader TTN membership for ideas – did they know organizations providing extra support for the unique needs generated from the COVID-19 crisis in Philadelphia? In less than one week, the committee received recommendations, which were put through a rigorous vetting process, and membership voted to select PIHN for the special $10,000 donation. Start to finish, the TTN Giving Circle acted in one month.

“We were overwhelmed at the response from our members,” said Carol Cunningham, TTN Giving Circle Chair. “It’s heartwarming to see the efforts being made on the part of so many organizations to respond to this crisis. The work of PIHN really stood out to us, and we are so privileged to be able to support their work. This is truly the power of collective giving in action.”

The donation funds, distributed to PIHN through logistics support from The Philadelphia Foundation, will go directly toward purchasing increased supplies based on individualized need; offering financial assistance for laundromat and supermarket gift cards, medications and personal supplies, rent and utility assistance; and developing virtual services to offer parenting workshops, parents of teen support, therapy/support groups and employment coaching.

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About The Transition Network Giving Circle (TTN Giving Circle)

The TTN Giving Circle is a dedicated group of women who pool their giving dollars to make a difference in the lives of Philadelphia women, children and youth. Since its founding in 2013, they have provided more than $105,000 in grants to in-need organizations in Philadelphia, and expect to award an additional $30,000 in grants and donations in 2020. Giving Circle members believe their method of collective philanthropy increases the impact of each dollar given. The Giving Circle is a philanthropic group within the Philadelphia Chapter of The Transition Network, an inclusive community of professional women, 50 and forward, whose changing life situations lead them to seek new connections, resources and opportunities.

For more information about TTN and the TTN Giving Circle:

Visit TTN Giving Circle or contact Carol Cunningham, Chair at TTNPhiladelphiaGivingCircle@gmail.com

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