Sharing Sarah’s Story

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Sharing Sarah’s Story

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Sarah is a 74 -year-old retired teacher with two adopted sons, ages 12 and 14. She had raised her boys in foster care. It recently came to our attention through the Red Cross that their home of 50 years had been destroyed in an electrical fire. Sarah had no property insurance, and everything was destroyed.  Neighbors had raised money to house the family in a hotel for several weeks, but had run out funds, especially since there were no cooking options and meals had to be purchased. With deep community ties, Sarah wanted to find rehousing close to her neighbors to maintain

PIHN’s team placed the family in an Air BnB on Temple University’s campus, several blocks from her old house. After one week in the Air BnB, PIHN staff located and furnished a short-term rental for the family also close to their old neighbors.  Sarah and her boys will remain in the rental housing for the next several months while working to repair the damages to her home. PIHN staff are exploring alternative housing for her, in case completing repairing the old house is not economically feasible – requiring alternate longer term permanent housing.  In the meantime, the family is staying in the current short-term housing, normally occupied by Temple students, who have not been there during the past semester due to the pandemic.

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