Recycle Used Goods

PIHN’s material support program provides clothing and equipment for children and teens to participate in extracurricular activities. We also furnish new homes for our families from top to bottom.¬† Your gently-used household furniture items or electronic device (such as a laptop or desktop computer) can find a new home with one of our current or former families.

PIHN can pick up furniture and other household goods in the Northwest Philadelphia area. All items must be in good and clean condition. Children’s items are appreciated, but we prefer that you donate children’s clothing, toys, and books to Cradles to Crayons.

Guidelines for Donating

PIHN values its volunteers and those that donate. In the past we have received donations that were not usable and had to be discarded. In an effort to eliminate this problem we would like to help you to discern what should be donated and what shouldn’t.

  • We do not take stained or torn clothes. Clothes should be in like new condition. If you wouldn’t wear it neither would our guest.
  • Clothes that are outdated. Most of our guests are young, so please keep this in mind when you are sorting your clothing. If you don’t think that they clothing is appropriate please take them to the Salvation Army or a depository at the Henry School parking lot.
  • We rarely have a need for men’s clothes and we have no way of storing them. If men’s clothes are needed we will send out a broadcast to the community asking for it.
  • Damaged or broken goods. Many times we have gotten donations of household items that have either been chipped, scratched, dirty, parts missing, etc. Again, if you wouldn’t want it, the guests wouldn’t want it.
  • Half used shampoo, body wash, lotions, etc. These are personal items that can become contaminated with bacteria from another person’s use.
  • Food items must be fresh. Donating food that is not fresh will lead to making our guests sick. Again, if you wouldn’t eat it neither would our guests.

Please understand that sorting and disposing of items that do not fill the above criteria is time consuming. We appreciate all that you do for us. When in doubt or to arrange a pickup or for more information, contact the PIHN office: 215-247-4663 ext. 142.