Homelessness Prevention Program


Philadelphia’s safety net, the shelter system is stretched well beyond capacity and lacks the resources necessary to respond to current economic and housing realities of City residents, in particular for the Northeast zip codes that Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) and our 20 Northeast area congregations serve. Northeast Philadelphia has the second highest eviction rate in the city. More than 5,700 School District students were homeless last year. Some were in shelter, but others were couch surfing. Each year approximately 14,000 Philadelphians utilize a homeless shelter.

Rather than let families and children fall behind, how can Philadelphia provide necessary resources and services sooner to prevent the downward spiral of homelessness? A promising solution lies in a cost-effective homelessness prevention strategy, managed by public-private partnerships that includes community, faith-based, local government, and corporate collaboration and support.

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Prevention intervention costs range from $500 per household to $6,000 per household in one year of service, compared to the high costs of providing shelter or the societal costs of doing nothing. By investing in a proven intervention, homeless Philadelphians won’t have to rely solely on the shelter system.

For more information on donations, please contact Deborah Kish-Silver, at 215-247-4663 ext. 138 or deborah@philashelter.org