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Introducing PIHN’s New
Partnership with HAPCO


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Offering Solutions & Services Toward:

Homelessness Prevention, Housing, Shelter, and Advocacy


The problem of family homelessness is complex.

A large number of factors that are often out of our control such as job loss and health crises can easily change the financial status of an otherwise stable family. And it’s a growing problem. On any night of the year in Philadelphia, an estimated 1,000 to 1,300 children and their families are homeless.

With the worsening economy, families are finding themselves unable to make their rent or mortgage payments. And Philadelphia’s shelter system is stretched beyond capacity. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution or quick fix. Ending homelessness requires holistic approach that begins with meeting immediate needs, and extends further to alleviate the root causes and help families achieve lasting independence. Our approach is highly effective. 92% of our families have succeeded in permanently overcoming homelessness.

Currently, Northeast Philadelphia has the second highest eviction rate in the city with more than 5,700 School District students living without a permanent place to call home last year. PIHN has recently put a fund together specifically to target preventing homelessness before it begins.

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